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About Us

Tavistock Pre-School Program Statement


Tavistock Pre-School is a place where families, teachers and volunteers work co-operatively to provide a learning environment, which fosters creativity and fun. It is a place where each child is recognized as a capable & competent learner in his or her own unique way, where children can explore and learn. It is a place where parents can share their culture, skills and interests to benefit and help the school progress and it is a place where lasting friendships are formed.

We strive to offer a high quality, family centered, diverse educational program that is developmentally appropriate to support the needs of the whole child.  We offer an environment that fosters positive self image, respect for others and emergent curriculum, that fosters curiosity with a love for learning. We understand that children are capable and competent learners and facilitate child initiated learning, but also include teacher-sparked interest.


Our approach to learning is to build relationships with all children and their families to co-learn together as the children naturally follow their interest. Learning happens when children are the focal point to everything we do and this is reflected in the overall layout of the room. Educators observe the children’s play and reflect on the learning and strive to provide additional provocations to engage the children’s curiosity. Sharing this information with parents allows for families and educators to work together to build a rich learning environment for every child.


Mental health and self-regulation is vital for a healthy life. Our trained educators provide empathy, conflict resolution and problem solving skills that will create strong children in the future. With the assistance of community partners, such as ChildInÜ Oxford (formerly A Child First) and Small Talk, a positive learning environment is created for all children’s learning and personal development is supported.

Tavistock Pre-School recognizes that children are citizens who have a right to develop their own ideas and are individual learners. We believe that quality care means unhurried time to explore materials through play and also through the interactions of the people around them. We also believe that expression of ones self can be shown through various ways – eg. 100 Languages Loris Malaguzzi-Reggio Emilia.

Educators follow the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education, Oxford County Public Health and Canada’s Food Guide. Educators perform daily child health checks (through observation at drop-off time and communication with parents), safe supervision of children, sanitation and disinfection procedures, and emergency procedures. Every employee has a Criminal Reference Check (Police Record Check) on file, including Vulnerable sector Check and is trained in Standard First Aid and CPR. Every employee reads the Policies and Procedures Manual annually and signs a declaration that they have read and understood the material.

Emergent curriculum is carefully planned for and documented using the document Early Learning for Every Child Today, a framework for early years (ELECT). Across the province educators use the six guiding principles to guide practice in early years. Goals for children and expectations for programs are laid out in the document How Does Learning Happen?  This document provides a way to think about the ELECT principles and how they work together.

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