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Our Educators

The educators and staff of Tavistock Little Pre-School are committed to your child’s enrichment through play and educational activities, and have been chosen for their dedication to quality childcare. We respect each child as a special individual, thus modeling the acceptance of others for who they are. We continually participate in workshops and seminars to enhance our knowledge. 


In addition to quality educators providing quality childcare, we also have a Resource Consultant (free of charge) available to help children (and families) who have special needs such as speech, learning difficulties, behavioural concerns, separation anxiety, etc. 

Educators offer indirect guidance, acting as facilitators, asking open-ended questions to promote problem-solving. Staff qualities include respect for others, patience, nurturing, caring, flexibility, enthusiasm, as well as good communication skills.

Educators will work with parents as partners in providing the best environment for growth and development of the children. We appreciate your feedback, experience, and sharing of talents.

Our most important goal is to provide your child with a loving, warm, trusting, safe and secure environment. We are dedicated to filling your child’s time with laughter, fun and positive experiences.

Scroll below the images to learn a little bit more about each of the educators at Tavistock Little Pre-School!

Sadie-May Harrett
Director, R-ECE, DSW

Hello! I am Sadie Harrett, current director of TLP-S!

I am a graduate of the program and student of Linda Holst's! I graduated from the ECE program after completing my DSW diploma. I am passionate about early years learning and all things pre-school!

My husband and I live outside of Embro, ON where we operate a small hobby farm together!

Linda Holst

Hello! I am Linda Holst, past director of Tavistock Preschool from 1996-2020 and a current educator. I live just outside of Tavistock with my husband on a 50 acre farm. We have 3 grown children and many grandchildren too. Childcare and preschool has been and continues to be exactly where I am meant to be!

Lois Gascho

Hello! I'm Lois Gascho, a  current educator at TLP-S! I have had the amazing opportunity to have taught with each director the preschool has had over the years. I live in Tavistock, ON and have 3 grown children, one being fellow educator Mrs. Bannon! I love all things creative and especially love the colour yellow!

JJ Bannon
Educator, SSW

Hello! I am JJ Bannon, a  current educator at TLP-S! I have been involved with preschool in some capacity for my entire life, given my mom Lois' long career. I absolutely love little people and look forward to learning more about all things early years learning. My husband and I live in Stratford, ON with our three cats!

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